Value Village 50% Off Shop!

So I took Erica’s (follower of this blog) advice and checked out Value Village today for their 50% off sale!  Next time I’m going without my kids or right at 9am because they were grumpy and I had to continually hand them Cheerios as I quickly looked through the racks.

All in all for $23 I think I found some good finds and even a couple off of my lists to replicate these outfits!



So for this outfit, I found black pants and a gray sweater.  I still need to find a nice, white lacey top:



I bought two tops that were not on my list (the purple and red), but they were beautiful and I love SmartSet and RW&Co: they were $1.75 so it’s ok, right?  I also bought these boots, but I’m not sure about them.  What do you think?  Any outfit suggestions or did I buy some duds:


It was really fun to get these items for super cheap and to actually have outfits to replicate!  It’s like meal planning, but outfit planning instead!


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