7 Quick Take (vol. 15)

Friday!  Friday!  Friday!  To me, that actually means that tomorrow is a day of renos/fixing up the place.  Oh well, at least Ryan will be home!


I miss my dishwasher.  A lot.  The other night it took me just about an hour to wash all the dishes.  There were interruptions from the children, but the main reason was that I had a lot of prep dishes and a few left over from lunch and afternoon snacks.  My sink and cupboard were full of dishes.  *Sigh*  We’ll likely buy the part needed to fix the machine, or get something off of Kijiji.  Right now I can’t justify the cost for a machine when we want to use the money for other things: like getting two new furnaces for $6000 (ACK!  Yes, our home needs two furnaces).



My baby turned 1 yesterday which means now I have NO BABIES and TWO TODDLERS!


We had a lovely day yesterday.  My sister came to visit and chatted with me while I did chores and birthday prep.  When Ryan came home we took the kids swimming!  Both of them had a blast until some kid pooped in the water and we all had to evacuate.  We came home for cleansing baths and showers, home made pizza and cake (looks pretty awesome doesn’t it!), and presents.  Ben’s extended family birthday party will be on Sunday.


Today I went shopping with a friend for clothes for our kids.  I’ve shopped way too much this week and really should cut back considerably.  Anyways, I actually found some pants in the kids section that fit me: so I bought it (photo to come).  Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad…


Moving has really put me behind in things, especially organizing the childrens clothing.  I’m pretty sure I’ve stayed within my budget of $150 for both per season (buying a year in advance for spring/summer), but now I have even MORE clothes to sort.  I have to put away clothing that’s too small, find the stored clothing for fall/winter, and pack up next year’s spring/summer clothes.  I am way too embarassed to post a picture of what this mess looks like.  I’m going to use The Better Moms post from today to try and organize these things.

I have been trading coupons like crazy this week.  So many good ones are heading my way: free eggs, free ground turkey, free milk, free veggies, free yogurt, free cheese!  This REALLY excites me and I’m starting to take a different approach to my couponing.  Trade for the free staples.


(Photo source)


Cleaning a big house is a lot of work, especially with kids.  We went from a house that was just under 1300 sq feet to a house that’s just over 1900 sq feet and it’s a HUGE difference.  Most days I can only get the basics done let alone things like cleaning floors, wiping cupboards and dusting.  Yeah, in my house those are not basics.  Today actually I’m sitting down to make a cleaning plan and am following this template from Joyful Mothering but adapting it for my family.


Last but not least, my prayer life has been getting better.  This morning actually, I got up at 6:30 BEFORE my children.  Ben was up at 6:45 and Chloe 7:10 so I did get a bit of quiet prayer time in.  My soul felt at peace, but I do believe that I released 1000 souls from purgatory while grocery shopping with my kidlets this morning.

Happy Friday everyone!  Don’t forget to link up with Jen at Conversion Diary!


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