And the Award for Worst Blogger Goes to…

Ya.  It goes to me.

I didn’t mean to stop blogging but something happened in my life where I literally felt I couldn’t manage it in my day.  This is what happened:


It might take you a minute to let it sink in.  It certainly took me a minute or two.  Maybe check out my bio and come back here and you’ll know.  Here’s a hint: The last time I wrote my a post, I would have only had two pairs of children’s shoes in such a picture…

The pregnancy test was POSITIVE.

So kinda a surprise, but kinda not.  When you practice NFP you have control over your fertility and control over your decisions.  Both aforementioned fertility and decisions result in two solid lines on my test.  I found out days after Ben turned one (one of these times we’ll get pregnant after our last child’s first birthday ;)).

I’m due May 15th, 12 days after Chloe’s third birthday, and guess what?  There is happiness and excitement about this little one.  Yes, I know how these things happen.  Yes, I’m sure I’ll be busy (who isn’t?).

So because of this new baby growing inside me, I’ve been feeling the worst out of all my pregnancies.  The first trimester wiped me out.  I could barely make it to 1pm without falling asleep on the couch.  So my usual blog time was taken up by napping for 3 hours.  Now that I’m 15 1/2 weeks pregnant and securely into my second trimester, I feel like I can get back into blogging again!

Thanks for your patience and I hope I haven’t lost too many of you in my absence.

15 weeks pregnant

15 weeks pregnant