St. Nicholas’ Feast Day Celebrations – Belated

Ok so this post is delayed because on Friday I got some sort of stomach bug.  I threw up 6 times in 40 minutes and the next day I was way too tired to do much than sleep and the household chores that were absolutely necessary.

So our St. Nicholas’ Feast Day Celebrations didn’t really go as planned.  I wanted to have a great celebration on Friday, but turns out Ryan wanted to be present when the kids found their shoes full of goodies: I complied willingly.  We still watched a couple St. Nicholas movies and said special prayers asking for his intercession.  Dinner was meant to be a ‘feast’ with mashed potatoes, glazed carrots and a roasted chicken, buuuuuut…Ryan and I had some miscommunication.  He had agreed to go out to dinner with a friend that night and had thought I was accompanying him, whereas I thought we weren’t doing that any more…So the kids and I made simple chicken sandwiches and Ryan went out.  That was ok.

The next morning I was able to roll my sick, exhausted body off of the couch in order to see my babies find their shoes:

photo It’s hard to see but each got an orange, chocolate coins and a gift (Chloe got a Tinkerbell plate/bowl/cup set and Ben got a mega blocks car that included the blocks).  They liked their gifts but LOVED their chocolates.  There was no feast, there was no special movies or stories on Saturday because I was MIA.

Well, at least there is lost of room for improvement for next year!


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