It’s Been a Messy Week

Ok, so I chose the perfect time to start blogging again: right before my house gets hit with the flu.  That being said, I’m going to do a speed blog post today!

This week has been…messy.

Monday I had an unusual case of pregnancy rage and waterworks.  I totally lost whatever commonsense I had and lost my sh!t at my husband who accidentally took my car keys to work with him.  Finding this out only after I buckled the kids in the car and promised them bakery cookies made this that much worse.  When I say I lost it, I REEEEEALLY lost it.  Swearing, bawling, chest swelling with anger.  Seriously, what was my problem?  I think it was more his non-nonchalant and uncaring attitude that really set me off.  Oh well, I apologized and moved on.

Tuesday morning I was drinking my coffee and reading emails/blogs when Chloe comes to me saying, “Ben made a big mess.”  I walk into the kitchen and see him sitting beside a half empty 3L jug of olive oil directly in this oily, greasy puddle.

photo(4)(Wow, gross.  Our linoleum is sure ugly!)

So this was a pleasant, slippery mess to clean.  I used towels and that was kinda stupid, but I needed to clean it quick.  It took two moppings with hot, dish soapy water to keep us from slip sliding around and two rounds of laundry with hot, dish soapy water to get the towels grease-free.

(Ok, this is turning into a longer post than I originally planned…thank goodness for Cheerios and princess colouring books)…

This morning as we were getting ready to go to Bible study, Chloe threw up.  Lucky for me it was contained on her bedding, clothes, hair, my housecoat and hair.  Oh it was soooo nasty.  When kids get the stomach flu I wish I had 3 washing machines.  She seems to be feeling better now but I cancelled tomorrow’s long anticipated ultrasound just so I didn’t spread this bug to my family (the babysitters).  Now Ben seems to be off, but thankfully no throwing up yet.  We’re going to have an easy day with colouring, Veggie Tales (thank God for Veggie Tales…although we seriously need more variety) and laundry.


photo(2)Hopefully this is the last of the big messes we have to face this week.   Stay tuned, I have another post brewing in my mind.




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