About Me

DSC_0364My name is Amanda Gaudet.  I’m happily married to my husband and best friend, Ryan for the last 4 years.  We have two babies, Chloe (born May 3, 2011) and Ben (born August 29, 2012).  Our family lives in a tiny house in Edmonton, AB, but soon we will be moving: with two young babies we’ve quickly outgrown our home.  I come from a family with 8 children, me being the oldest girl and second oldest child.  I was homeschooled from grades 4-12, got accepted to university to study psychology (didn’t end up going), went to New Zealand for almost six months for a Catholic missions trip, worked for the last 5 1/2 years in full-time pro-life work and now am thoroughly enjoying being “just” a mom.

My interests are quite varied, but I love doing anything with pregnant women.  I became a birth doula way back 5-6 years ago but had to put that on hold while I have kids.  Natural birth, midwives, doulas, birth centres, home birth, etc are all a passion of mine and I would love to either work in that field or volunteer.

I started a moms’ online group two years ago and we now have over 150 members!  Recently I started running again and am very committed to getting back in shape and being a fit-mama.  One of my biggest hobbies right now is COUPONING and frugal living/shopping!  I love it and spend a little bit of time every day working on coupons!

My Catholic faith is very important to me and I am trying to grow in it by having close Catholic friends to support and pray with/for me, going to adoration every two weeks, reading spiritual books, joining a Catholic Bible study and going to events (like monthly Opus Dei recollections) when I can.  My newest projects (which I hope will become hobbies) is crocheting and sewing 🙂

I have always loved writing and am excited to begin the journey as a blogger.  This blog’s purpose is to get me writing about my life, mainly so that I can have memories to share with my children, but to also have another creative outlet.  If any one reads this that’s great!  But if not, I’m happy just to be writing about my life.

(Family Photos 2012, by Lightside Photography)


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