Value Village 50% Off Shop!

So I took Erica’s (follower of this blog) advice and checked out Value Village today for their 50% off sale!  Next time I’m going without my kids or right at 9am because they were grumpy and I had to continually hand them Cheerios as I quickly looked through the racks.

All in all for $23 I think I found some good finds and even a couple off of my lists to replicate these outfits!



So for this outfit, I found black pants and a gray sweater.  I still need to find a nice, white lacey top:



I bought two tops that were not on my list (the purple and red), but they were beautiful and I love SmartSet and RW&Co: they were $1.75 so it’s ok, right?  I also bought these boots, but I’m not sure about them.  What do you think?  Any outfit suggestions or did I buy some duds:


It was really fun to get these items for super cheap and to actually have outfits to replicate!  It’s like meal planning, but outfit planning instead!


What TO Wear Instead of What NOT to Wear

Ok, so my style isn’t the greatest, but it’s definitely not the worst.  I do need some new clothes, because after having two kids I’m skinnier than I’ve been since probably junior high.  Ya.  It’s sad.  I’m 103lbs and am losing all my feminine curves.  I now weigh less than my skinniest friend and even SHE is commenting on my weight.

So because of this weight loss, I’m in dire need of new clothes BUT I don’t want to spend a lot of money at all.  I have style ideas, but want clearance items!  In all honesty, I’d like nothing more than for each item to be under $10, but I think I may have to be satisfied with under $20.

I’ve been following Kate on Instagram and she has some outfits that I would love to replicate!

outfit1 outfit2 outfit3 outfit4 outfit5 outfit6

Aren’t they awesome?!  The first outfit I’d like to replicate is the green skinny jeans with white top.  It’s simple, stylish and yet practical, which is what I need!  I found both the white top and jeans today, but couldn’t justify spending $30+ on the jeans without talking to Ryan first: moving this month has been expensive.

I think the next outfit I want to do is the polka dot skirt and bright pink top BUT I may change things up a bit.  Polka dot top with bright pink skirt?  What do you think.  I found the skirt for $6.99 and the top for $14.99, but didn’t buy it yet because I needed to think on it first.  No more impulse clothing buys.

If you know where I can find these outfits or similar looking ones, please, please comment!

10 Days of Hair – Days 9 & 10! We’re done!

We’re on our last two days of 10 Days of Hair!  Thanks for following this thread and I hope you liked it.  It definitely challenged me to actually DO something with my hair.  I’m not an expert by any means in the beauty department, but I definitely found this challenge fun and will be looking for other similar challenges to follow!

Here is my Day 9 (her Day 9):



And here is my Day 10 (her Day 10):



Check out days 1, 2, 3 & 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8!  Don’t forget to check out Julia at Gal Meets Glam blog where this challenge originated!

7 Quick Takes (vol. 12)

Joining up with Jen for the weekly 7 Quick Takes.


We FINALLY have a possession date for our new place!  It’s as we thought it would be: August 9th.  My issue is that I also have my MudHero 6km obstacle course run the SATURDAY of that weekend!  I said I’d be going, but now I’m feeling unsure and guilty…what’s more important, right?!


I absolutely HATE when this happens:



The shoe thief strikes again and this time she takes my shades as well.



Not sure if you heard, but there have been 30 confirmed cases of Measles in 6 Canadian provinces.  Kind of scary stuff!




Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA) is a cool little budget app that I discovered on my iPhone.  I absolutely love it!  For once in our married life, we’re actually able to keep track of every single penny we’re spending!  The simplicity and accesibility, plus the fact that it’s free for life, makes it the perfect app for a busy person who needs to keep track of their money.  Our budget is super tight right now because not only did we buy a house, but we’re now saving for renos!

Check out their short promo video:


My two favorite blogs this week…are…

Natalie’s at The Busy Budgeting Mama and Kate’s at The Small Things Blog!  Check these ladies out!  They are two of my blog inspirations!

I love Natalie’s blog because it’s so relatable.  I’m a mom, she’s a mom.  We’re both Catholic.  Bugeting and frugal living is a part of our daily lives!

Kate’s blog is great because she makes hair, make-up and style easy for the simple, every day woman aka moi.


Every week I try to learn something new about living frugally.  Here is one article I found from Mrs.January that I found really helpful!


10 Days of Hair – Day 7

Last night I went for a run at 8pm, then after a quick shower, French braid and popcorn snack, I watched MasterChef.  Here is how I wore my hair yesterday.  My hair is shorter and significantly finer/thiner than hers so my top-knot is tiny!

Here is my Day 7 (and her Day 3):



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