7 Quick Takes (vol. 18)

These are totally going to have to be quick.  Jen’s will certainly be far better and more interesting than mine.


After a whole day of Chloe not throwing up, we ended the evening with a big, barfy mess.  The casualties: My Pal Violet and her pillow.  We pulled her mattress into our room and she spent the night with us.  Thankfully, she feels better this morning and that Violet is on sale at Walmart for $17.88.



I woke up at 3:50am and this morning and couldn’t fall back asleep until about 4:45ish (I’m guessing).  Ben cried out and I was going to go to him, but since the crying didn’t continue I stayed in bed.  The reason I couldn’t fall back asleep was that the little baby inside me kept giving me really good kicks and every time I felt one it kept me from falling back asleep.


Ben must have cried out in the middle of the night because he threw up.  When I got him this morning at 7:30, I found his bed covered in…well, throw up.  Poor baby cried from 7:30am-9:30 when I put him back to bed after he was bathed, snuggled and had some fluids in him.  Please God no more throwing up!  We lost two stuffies and a fitted crib sheet for sure, and we’re trying to see if we can save Scout (the green version of Violet).


I have a ridiculous pile of laundry to fold and wash right now, but absolutely no energy to do it.  All I’d like to do is sleep or spend the day in bed watching movies with my kids (which will very likely happen).



Tremendous mom-guilt here.  We’ve watched a lot of tv lately.  Between the insane amount of snow we’ve been getting (more on that in the next quick take) and the flu bugs we’ve been fighting, we’ve been popping in movie after movie after movie.  I’m hearing of friends who are taking their kids outside, to sports, to recreational swimming and/or gymnastics, and I’m thinking: “I suck.  We’re watching tv and sometimes playing or reading.”  Thankfully right now Chloe is putting magnetic pompoms on the fridge and that’s something better than tv, right?



Josh Classen from CTV news: “Total snowfall in #yegwx area since November 1st looks to be in the 70-80cm range.  We average 122cm for an entire winter.”  Ya.  That’s why we’re staying in and not going anywhere.  Also, we’ve somehow managed to lose 3 out of the 4 pairs of mittens Ben owns.

(Yes, I took this picture from inside my house, through the screen.)


I found another book I want.  It’s a guide to help meditate on the Rosary.  For $11.51, I may just have to snag it.



7 Quick Takes (vol. 17)

I haven’t done one of these in a while!  Linking up today with Jen from the bitterly cold, -40C central Alberta!


I love that this weather kept us home so that I could get a major amount of cleaning and organizing done.  Most successfully today was cleaning the fridge (a chore I will do once maybe every two years):



Little People are my new loves, especially the Disney princess ones.  Chloe cut out naps cold turkey about 3 weeks ago.  Ever since then I’ve been trying to assemble “Quiet Time” bins so that she will spend at least an hour playing quietly while I have some of my own quiet time.  I went to Superstore one day to look for items and these toys had a shelf price tag for only $5!  I thought that was great compared to the regular price of $7.99.  So I grabbed three packages and headed for the checkout.  When they rang up as $5.47 I was able to SCOP one of them thereby getting it for FREE and the other two they gave to me at shelf price.  I used a $10 Superstore gift card that I redeemed using Pampers points and got all three of these for FREE!


Books!  I love books, especially educational books about the faith.  Lately I’ve been going on to Amazon.ca and putting book after book after book into my cart, lingering over the “checkout” button, but pressing “save until later” instead.  I have a lot of books and right now with Christmas coming, I probably shouldn’t spend $50-$100 on books.  I’ll get these gems, but it might have to wait a month or two.


In reference to the above post, that’s ok because I DID buy ONE book on Monday.  At the last Opus Dei recollection there was a talk about the Liturgy of the Mass and its importance.  They mentioned two books that were excellent on this topic; one was


They said that this book was excellent, but a very heavy read so they recommended an easier read:


I ordered “The Lamb’s Supper” and received it in the mail yesterday!  I can’t wait to start reading it.


Fitting into size zero skinny jeans should have actually been my #1 this week.  I went to American Eagle on Monday and bought two awesome pairs of skinny jeans for $60!  Not only was the price great, but it felt amazing being 16 1/2 weeks pregnant and being able to do up the button on size zero pants!  Not sure how long I’ll be able to keep buttoning them up, but so far so good!


Another great deal I took advantage of what a Joovy Big Caboose Sit and Stand Double Stroller for only *drumroll* $55 dollars!!!  Regular price this bad boy is $379.99!  I went through shop.ca and used a whole bunch of promo codes and rebates and THAT is how I’m going to cart around my three children come May 🙂



Last, but not least, today is the feast of St. Nicholas and it did NOT go like I planned at all.  Usually that would result in bitter disappointment, but today I must have been graced with an abundance of graces and blessings because I’m honestly ok with that.  Tomorrow we will be celebrating St. Nicholas’ feast and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Stay warm!

7 Quick Takes (vol. 16)

I haven’t been blogging much this week because we’ve been pretty busy.  Doing what, you ask?  I’m not 100% sure, but it might have been enjoying the gorgeous September weather we should have had in July.  Here’s what I have to say for this week.


This.  Is.  Delicious!  Absolutely perfect for a hot, summer’s day!  I’m sure it would taste even better with vodka in it, but we had none.  I managed to get this bad boy for FREE at the last Save-on-Foods 15% off day.  Currently, I am looking at the Facebook coupon trading pages to find more free product coupons so I can indulge in this happy pleasure.  Regular price is $4.99.


(Photo Source)


Fancy Nancy is our latest “go-to” book to read; at least for Chloe, that is.  It’s a cute series of books of a little girl who looooooves to be fancy.  Instead of saying “Fancy Nancy” Chloe will say “Nancy Nancy!”.  It’s adorable.



So last weekend right before Ben’s birthday party I spilled Scentsy wax all over my bathroom counter top and my NEW clothes (that’s why you haven’t seen a picture of them yet).  Later in the evening, I did something very stupid: I took a butter knife to the wax and ended up scratching the beautiful counter top.  I’m trying not to be angry at myself for this idiotic blunder, but it’s difficult.


I’m actually surprised that I haven’t spoken of this before since I watch this show EVERY WEEK!  MasterChef is my crack right now: must. watch. it. no. matter. what.  It’s getting super intense, right?!  SPOILER ALERT!  Even though I was sad to see Jessie go, I knew that the final two would be Natasha and Luca.


Are you watching?  Who are you rooting for?  Natasha is a bit meaner than Luca, but I also think she’s the better cook, so we’re going with her.


(Photo Source)


(Photo Source)


I haven’t forgotten about my 30 Days of Frual Meals!  This week has been so busy that I’m going to do a summary post tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


There’s some serious stuff going on in Syria, and just reading some of it makes me sick to my stomach.  The Pope has asked that tomorrow we pray and fast for peace.  I hope some of you can join me in this.


The only plans we have this weekend is to finish laying the stones in the backyard, continue painting outside trim, organize the basement for the furnace installation next week, watch a couple movies, eat some ice cream (DQ has Snickers Blizzards right now!  Luck for us we live 5 minutes from one).  It’s going to be a casual weekend for us.  Hope you have a good one and enjoy your weekend!  Don’t forget to link up with Jen!

5 Favorites (vol. 8)

Don’t forget to link up with Hallie at Moxie Wife for her 5 Favorites!


1. “Splat Mat”.  I know there’s an actual splat mat you can buy to help protect your floors against messy babies during meals, but we just grabbed one of those computer chair plastic mats at Staples for $24.99.  While it doesn’t prevent all food from reaching the carpet, it protects the majority surrounding Ben.  Seriously this child is a messy diaster when it comes to meals.


2. Quiet time.  The two hours I have alone during afternoon naps is priceless.  I’d give my right arm for this alone time.  Right now I’m listening to my 2 year old wail “Moooommmmeee” from her room as she begs to be let out from naps.  Excuse me while I put her back to bed.  *walks away to put Chloe back to bed*  *comes back 5 minutes later*.  That won’t last long.  Today is just not a good day for Chloe.  Up at 6am, grouchy all morning, refusing a nap…I’m preparing myself for no quiet time today.

3.  Corrie ten Boom.  She is a modern day hero.  I am re-reading her books right now, and if you haven’t had the honour of pouring through these pages of her life (she survived a Holocaust concentration camp) then you must pick it up TODAY!  Ok, if you can’t, then order it from the library or Amazon.  Her courage, strength and forgiveness will blow you away.  In the meantime, until you get the book, check out her website.



4. Opus Dei.  About a year or so ago, I started re-attending Opus Dei Recollections for Women.  Once a month an Opus Dei priest would come to St. Andrew’s Parish and give two talks to a group of women.  The beauty and simplicity of this lay group drew my attention to them.  The fact that we can santify our day and live holy lives through ordinary means, touched me and encouraged me in my vocation.  The monthly talks and reflections given by the priest and an Opus Dei member always leave me feeling refreshed with a new challenge to add to my spiritual life.  Last night I was blessed to even make it in time for confession, which is exactly what I needed.  Already today I feel like I could go again, but am trying very hard to take what I learned from last night and apply it to my life until the next recollection where I will get more food for my soul.


(Source: Founder of Opus Dei – St. Josemaria Escriva)

5. Magic School Bus.  Not a HUGE favorite of mine growing up, by for a cartoon it was highly educational and fun!  I bought the complete series today from Amazon for $26.99 (reg. $99) and can’t wait to introduce my kids to it.  Who knows, maybe it will become part of a homeschool curriculum if we decide to go that route.



7 Quick Takes (vol. 11)


Today I do not want to clean my house, wash dishes or pick up toys.  The only room that is currently ‘clean’ is the bathroom!  Ben is the messiest eater ever and there is always food on the floor, his chair, his table, his clothes, his hair, etc.  Oh man, and I forgot about the laundry to fold!


Thanks to this post by The Small Things Blog, I have decided to read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  My children have allowed me to almost finish one chapter!  As I progress in this novel I will let you know what I think, or I’ll just write and post a book review when I’m done.  It may take me 6 weeks to read it (the max amount of time that the public library will allow me to have this book, IF there are no holds).




We’ve started attending Story Time at the public library.  It’s a half hour or reading, singing, dancing, signing, puppet shows, etc for kids around Chloe’s age and up.  She seems to really enjoy it and it’s a good push for us to get out of the house and do fun things (NOT just go for groceries and church).  After the last Story Time, we signed up for the Summer Reading Program.  Chloe loves to read, so why not be part of a program where she can win prizes for doing what she loves!


I think I’m just about done with this summer cold.  After feel just awful for the whole week, I’m starting to feel on the mend, except for this darn headache, which I hope will go away soon.  Summer colds are just awful.


Shout out to Jane Iredale’s fantastic customer service!  After this post I contacted the company complaining about the Active Light product.  They were incredible quick to get back to me and then sent me Circle/Delete with only a fee to cover the difference in price!  The product arrived the day after I spoke with them AND they told me to keep the Active Light in case I can use it in the future!  Great company and great service!



Still no official possession date for our new place!  Not nervous though, because we have a back up plan just in case the possession dates don’t line up.  Packing is coming slowly, but steadily, with much of it left to be done the week we leave.  Oh, did I mention that my Mud Hero race is the Saturday we move?  Well timed.


Again.  I’m stuck on #7!  Head on over to Jen’s to see what she has for you in her Quick Takes.

Have a great weekend!

7 Quick Take (vol. 8): Books I Want to Read



There is so much suffering in the world, and lately many of my friends have been suffering deeply.  Sometimes it’s hard to wrap our minds around how a loving God can allow such pain in our world, and even more so, how it can be part of His Divine Providence.  I want to read this book because I want a better grasp on suffering because it will inevitably come to my family one day too.

Dr. Peter Kreeft will be at the Catholic Family Life conference this year!  Ryan and I are struggling with whether we can justify the cost or not.  I’ll let you know what we choose to do.  You can buy The Purpose of Suffering here.



This book has been a bit hit with those who love the PBS tv shows Downton Abbey and Mad Men.  I’ve seen Downton – loved it – and am trying to avoid another addicting tv show – Mad Men AND Call the Midwife.  Because both my babies were born with the assistance of a midwife, this book has sparked my interest.  I looked into buying it at Coles last night, but unfortuantely I left my wallet at home and my husband will not approve of buying another book.  So looks like I’ll be ordering it from the library from now.  This is what Amazon.ca has to say about the book:

In the 1950s, twenty-two-year-old Jenny Lee leaves her comfortable home to move
into a convent and become a midwife in London’s East End slums. While delivering
babies all over the city, Jenny encounters a colorful cast of women—from the
plucky, warm-hearted nuns with whom she lives, to the woman with twenty-four
children who can’t speak English, to the prostitutes of the city’s seedier side.

Doesn’t it sounds GREAT?!  You can buy the first book of the trilogy here.



I like a good ‘classic’ turned movie.  Basically, that’s the reason I want to read this book.  I almost bought a copy today at Superstore (25% off books) BUT I hate buying books with the movie poster as the book cover.  Gross.  Buy this copy here.



I believe that learning more about the person God created me to be will help me to be a better wife, mother, daughter, friend, etc.  I have heard excellent things about this book (which is part of a series) and thankfully my mom has it so that I can borrow it from her.  You can buy your copy here.




I want to read these books for the same reason as number 4.  Get them here.



LOVE this book!  When I was a teenager, we read it together as a family and I remember it being a favorite classic of mine.  I have a copy already and can’t wait to read it again, but to also share it with Chloe.  Get yours here.




I left this open because I’d love you to recommend a book for me to read.  Let’s see if I actually get any suggestions!

Happy Friday everyone.  Join Jen here today for her Quick Takes.