7 Quick Takes (vol. 14)

It’s Friday!  Wahoo!  This has been a long week, but it’s OVER!  Don’t forget to join up with Jen for her 7 Quick Takes.


Here is my attempt at one of the outfits I wanted to replicate.  I have found some green skinny jeans at Smart Set, Blue Notes, Old Navy and…hmmm there was another place but I can’t remember.  Maybe Garage?  Anyways, they were all $30+ so I couldn’t justify buying them just yet.  Instead I used my pink “party pants” (don’t ask) and decided that this was close enough of a replication.  Thoughts?

I like this outfit because it’s simple and both items are very versatile.  My only concern is the white top with two children…I’ll just take it off or cover it up when feeding them.

My outfit:

Replicating Kate’s:



My kids reeeeeeeally like their mommy.  Or at least they really like to be near me all. the. time.  I swear, unless a show is on, they are on me every 5 minutes.  I tried to take a 5 minute shower; Chloe came to find me.  I tried to get dress; Ben found me.  Now I am debating running upstair while Ben is sleeping to brush my teeth…is it worth it?  I haven’t decided yet.

This is them playing for 4 minutes 10 seconds (I timed it) while I quickly washed some dishes.



We went to pick up swimsuits from the second hand store so that I can take the kids swimming more regularly.  The fitness/activity centre here sounds really good and maybe once or twice a week we can go swimming and maybe to the gymnastics centre.  I think I’m a bit of a boring mom and would like to try to get out and do more with my kids.


This week I read an article about stay-at-home moms which was kind of discouraging.  I guess the article itself wasn’t, but what she wrote about was.  Basically it’s about how educated women shouldn’t waste their education as a stay-at-home mothers.  This is insulting in every way.  Should mothers not be educated at all?  If they don’t deserve a degree, do they even deserve a high school education?  Are we so much less valuable to society simply because we choose to be present daily in the lives of our children instead of pursuing a successful career?  *Sigh*  Society, please don’t devalue the hard work that we do with our children at home.  We’re raising the little people that will become out future!


We got a furnace quote the other day: $7000 for two.  *gag*  That’s a little more than we wanted to pay so now we’re looking for other options.  We aren’t overly pressed for time, but this is Alberta people and it could very well snow next month.


Our dishwasher broke *sniff sniff BAWL*!  I went out to an Opus Dei recollection on Tuesday and when I came home, Ryan said “Bad news babe.  The dish washer is broken.”  The only thing worse than hearing that would be to hear “Bad news babe.  The washing machine is broken.”  Washing dishes by hand is slightly better than washing clothes by hand, right?!


This morning Chloe slept in until almost 7am, but Ben decided to get up at 6:25.  I managed to still get in 15 minutes of quiet prayer time and decided that I wouldn’t get frustrated at the interruption, but continue in my prayer while he ate breakfast.  When I went to get Chloe, she decided she wouldn’t come downstairs until she put on her princess shoes…oh.my.word.



Haircut Success and Frugal Friday Kickoff!

I’ve decided that every Friday – along with linking up for Quick Takes – I will have *drum roll* FRUGAL FRIDAY!  On this day I will post one way that we were frugal in the past week.  Hopefully you’ll share some of your frugalness with us too!


So back in November I attempted to cut Chloe’s hair.  And I completely botched it:


I cried a lot over this terrible haircut.  After watching a couple videos and a hairdresser friend cut my babies hair, I successfully managed to give my babies pretty decent haircuts!

ben chloe

Best part is I saved us about $40!  Getting kids haircuts is NOT cheap!

That’s my take for Frugal Friday!  Feel free to share how you were frugal this week!

The Farmer’s Market

I went to the Farmer’s Market with Chloe and my sister Emilie.  Well, Chloe hated it and screamed at anyone who mentioned she was ‘so cute’ or asked her a simple question like ‘would you like to sample some cake?’.  Stinker.  Anywho, we picked up some garden produce (tomatoes, cucuber and onions) along with fresh baked bread.  Total cost?  $11.75.


There is something special about a Farmer’s Market that I love.  The music, the smells, the atmosphere in general all seems to represent something so good and wholesome.  Plus there is the added bonus that everything there is natural and homemade.  I can’t wait to go back.  Once we finish up our 5 dozen eggs – purchased from Costco the day before – I will be buying eggs from there too!  That’s been a long time goal of time – fresh farm eggs.  Now to find a way to get fresh cow’s milk…

7 Quick Takes (vol. 12)

Joining up with Jen for the weekly 7 Quick Takes.


We FINALLY have a possession date for our new place!  It’s as we thought it would be: August 9th.  My issue is that I also have my MudHero 6km obstacle course run the SATURDAY of that weekend!  I said I’d be going, but now I’m feeling unsure and guilty…what’s more important, right?!


I absolutely HATE when this happens:



The shoe thief strikes again and this time she takes my shades as well.



Not sure if you heard, but there have been 30 confirmed cases of Measles in 6 Canadian provinces.  Kind of scary stuff!




Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA) is a cool little budget app that I discovered on my iPhone.  I absolutely love it!  For once in our married life, we’re actually able to keep track of every single penny we’re spending!  The simplicity and accesibility, plus the fact that it’s free for life, makes it the perfect app for a busy person who needs to keep track of their money.  Our budget is super tight right now because not only did we buy a house, but we’re now saving for renos!

Check out their short promo video: http://youtu.be/x8cB5q2Luyo


My two favorite blogs this week…are…

Natalie’s at The Busy Budgeting Mama and Kate’s at The Small Things Blog!  Check these ladies out!  They are two of my blog inspirations!

I love Natalie’s blog because it’s so relatable.  I’m a mom, she’s a mom.  We’re both Catholic.  Bugeting and frugal living is a part of our daily lives!

Kate’s blog is great because she makes hair, make-up and style easy for the simple, every day woman aka moi.


Every week I try to learn something new about living frugally.  Here is one article I found from Mrs.January that I found really helpful!


Shoe Thief


Cute shoes, no?  I decided I needed to buy a new pair – or two – because my last pair of nice flats got run over by our neighbour’s car.  Chloe had been wearing them around outside when she was helping her daddy wash my car.  She left them in the neighbour’s driveway and the next day I found them there, squashed and unwearable.  So off to Ardene’s I went to buy shoes, 2/$15!

Despite the fact that Chloe has more shoes than I do, she must think I purchased these for her.  And so the shoe thief strikes again…hopefully these pairs will last longer than their predecessor…


Canada Day 2013!

Catching up a little bit on blog posts…

Yesterday’s Canada was really fun!  Ryan had to work, but after a quick stop at Walmart for water toys:


Chloe and I spent the whole morning outside, and it was HOT (felt like 33C).  We mowed the lawn then played in the sprinkler and kiddie pool.





We had a super simple supper of cold sandwiches and while I went to adoration, Ryan took the babies for a bike ride to the spray park.  My sister Emilie came to visit us and watch the new show Under the Dome.  It was a really simple day, but we thoroughly enjoyed it simplicity.  I hope you all had a great Canada Day!