7 Quick Takes (vol. 13)

Well it’s Friday again, but I couldn’t tell you what the actual date is.  Ok, I looked and it’s the 16th: how is this month half over already?  Is it just me or did this summer fly by really fast and already store have back-to-school, Halloween and yes, even CHRISTMAS items!


The line thing is still messed up.  I really miss my squiggle line that comes before and after my numbers.


It’s been exactly one week since we got the keys to our house and it’s flown by.  We’ve managed to unpack all the essential boxes, and now I’m keeping busy organizing, purging, sorting, storing, and exploring Sherwood Park.  Every day we’ve tried to get out and find something new to do; sometimes it’s just finding where the stores are.  The weather has been really nice so we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy spending time outside in our beautiful 1/3 acre back yard: the kids love it!  I was so excited to find a raspberry bush back here!




Ben has discovered the toilet and thinks it’s his own personal little splash pool.  Gross.  Today he threw his toy in the toilet AGAIN!  The doors will need to stay closed and all the lids down.  It’s just not cool fishing inside the bowl to get his toys.



I love Joe’s clothes from Superstore. Love.  Them.  Not only are they adorable, they are crazy affordable especially during seasonal clearance, which is when I stock up on clothes for the kids!  I got all these outfits for $70 and there is still $80 in our spring/summer 2014 budget for more (we still need swimsuits, shoes, hats, shorts).

clothes1 clothes2

(I found a couple more outfits that I bought AFTER these pictures were taken.  I got 12 outfits for Ben and 16 for Chloe!  Not bad for $70!).


Tonight we’re having a simple supper.  Home made bread, deli roast beef (50% off), organic tomatos and lettuce from my mother-in-laws garden.  We might have to finish the meal with maple frozen yogurt covered with the rest of our blueberries.  Then I’m heading out for a much needed girls night which will include the essential wine, sushi and chick-flick.  Bring it.


My little Benjamin is turning 1 in less than 2 weeks and I’m trying to think of what to do for a simple, little party.  I think we’re going to keep it simple with family and a few friends coming over for a BBQ and playtime.  My parents hinted that they bought him a swing set and everyone else is buying him some sort of ball: he loves balls and anything ball shaped (including a funny little preference for his banana being cut in circles instead of crescents).



I have a laundry shoot in my house.  So.  Cool.


Don’t forget to link up with Jen and the other fabulous quick-takers like Christy (I love her quick-take that talks about her son and Starbucks lol).  They likely have significantly more interesting blogs than I do: today I’m just rambling.  Actually, most of my quick-takes are ramblings aren’t they?


Um There are More Hills in the Park…

I went for a run yesterday right after Ryan came home from work: might as well keep going with the running while the adrenaline rush is still high.  There are quite a few more hills here than in Edmonton; challenge accepted!  I managed to get my 5K run in 25 minutes again but because of the heat had to take a couple walking breaks.

Supper was delicious!  BBQ’d roast beef, garden carrots, beans and potatoes from my mother-in-law.  Mmm frugal living (free veggies and $8 roast) and healthy eating couldn’t taste better than that!

Mud Hero – My First of Many Runs!

Let me start off with saying “This was AMAZING!”  The run was tough but there was nothing quite like crossing that finish line and realizing you just ran down and up a mountain (!) covered in MUD!

We unofficially called our team ‘Mismatched Moms’, mainly because we didn’t buy team costumes (which we realized was a mistake – with 500 people running every half hour, wearing black was a bad idea :P).

Here is my before picture:


Tired (was up at 5:30am) but incredibly excited!

Here are a couple of my after pictures!

dirty dirty2

I was very pleased with my time and placement, and now have something to look forward to and beat next year!



The stats may be hard to see, but my time was 1:11:35 and I placed 1770/6555 out of all the women: I’m pleased with that!


Now, I’m looking into doing the Olds Mud Run in September!

7 Quick Takes (vol. 12)

Thank God it’s Friday.  Joining up with Jen and the others today!


Something happened to my elegant squiggle line that usually proceeds my numbers in the quick takes so today you will be getting straight, blunt and unattractive lines.


One week today we move!  I am so incredibly excited, but there is still a fair amount to do.  I don’t want to forget an important detail especially because I am going to Mud Hero the Saturday we move!  Am I crazy?  I’ll leave at 6am so we can get to Red Deer by 8am.  We’ll run our heat at 10am (an hour max?), shower, eat, and I dunno what else (I should confirm this actually) and I’m really hoping to be back by 2pm.  Can’t forget to leave a cheque for the piano movers at the new house…


Ben slept 11 hours on Monday night and 10 hours on Tuesday night!  I thought maybe, oh please Lord just MAYBE, that this was it and he’d start sleeping the night!  No.  It was a cruel joke probably associated with the random fever he had those two days.  Between Chloe and I Ben, I was up 7 times last night.  At 4:30am, I seriously contemplated going for a run…instead I fell asleep for 15 minutes then woke up to give Chloe some water, and deal with Ben’s bleeding nose and poopy diaper.


By the way.  Ben is now weaned.  I haven’t nursed him since 4:30am Thursday morning.  Maybe that has something to do with the sleeping or lack there-of last night.


I read two really great blog posts today.  This one was about how we stay-at-home moms just need a break sometimes.  It’s not even a break to do something fun or relaxing, but simply to feel like a human.  I took this break yesterday and did some errands while the kids played at Grandmas.

This article was really cool and pretty much describes the community I would one day love to live in.  I think it’d be sweet to have a cow in my backyard: you?  I really like the rain barrel idea too.

rain barrel planter


Something on my to-do list for today is to run out to Costco and pray that they still have the children blackout curtains that I saw a couple weeks ago.  I just realized my children will need some when we move and I’d prefer not to wait to get them: Their bedrooms face East.


In the last couple weeks I have received comments on how breast feeding my 11 month old is “gross”, how it must be “so much work” to have two babies, “your cart is very full” referring to my two kids, and now that I have a boy and a girl will we “keep popping them out?”.  Most of the time I just smile and nod then I roll my eyes when they are no longer looking.

I’m not really sure what goes through peoples’ minds when they make comments like this: surely not “This is something that will uplift that mother.”  The comments I receive don’t make me upset, just bewildered.


5 Favorites (vol. 6) – Ways to be Frugal This Week!

These are 5 ways we were frugal (so far) this week!

1. Laundry outside.  I just LOVE drying my laundry outside.  The crisp freshness from drying in the summer sun and wind just gives it that extra special feeling.  PLUS it saves us from using electricity with our dryer.  I can’t believe I had this drying before 9am!



2. Homemade bread.  Store bread is about $1.99/loaf, which really isn’t that expensive, but when you think about it, buying a 10kg bag of flour is just under $7 at Costco…That can make a LOT of bread!  Plus homemade bread makes the house smell delicious, and there is nothing quite like spread butter over warm bread and biting into that.  I also like that there are no preservatives and I can choose exactly what I want to put into it.



3. Coupons! Coupons will always help me be frugal.  I’m trying to lower our grocery bill from $450/month to $400/month.  That extra $50 really helps, but I’m sure we can do it (especially if we save a little bit here and there with baking bread).  These items cost me $1 before taxes!  I used coupons for the coffee, Glad bags, shampoo, eye lash curler, and Potato Thins.  I’ll be submitting Potato Thins on Checkout51 to get $2 off.  After purchasing all these items (minus the milk, Oreos and Gerber Treats) I received a $10 gift card which I then proceeded to use to by the milk, Oreos and Gerber Treats 🙂  We were even home from groceries by 9am!



4. Riding our bike.  We haven’t gone a lot of places on our bike, but we’ve managed to get to the park and library!  This helps us save gas, gives us exercise and fresh air, and the kids LOVE IT!



5. Make-up samples!  I love getting make-up samples.  Yesterday I got this mascara in the mail after signing up for this promo.  I can’t wait to try it!


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Summer is Here…

Yesterday it did not rain – AMAZING – so we got to enjoy some time in the sun.  My upper legs have a small burn on them, which gives them a colour other than blinding white.  I went for a run at 2:30 in the afternoon and that was intense!  29C, black leggings, and no sunglasses proved to be a challenge I accepted.  Because it was so warm, I should have cut down on the length of my run so as not to get as warm as I did, but there are no regrets.

Since it was so hot all day, Chloe had trouble staying asleep.  She woke up a couple times before midnight and was just beside herself.  Ryan tried to calm her down, but she just wanted her Mommy.  After calming Ben – whom she woke – I went in to deal with her.  After a few attempts at calming her in her own bed, I just brought her to mine.  That didn’t work so well for any of us because a) she’s a bed hog b) she wanted to be as close to me as possible which made her even hotter and more uncomfortable c) she wouldn’t stop squirming.  I brought her back to her bed and laid on her bedroom floor for about an hour until she fell asleep.  When she woke up at 6:30, I brought her to my bed and she is still sleeping there right now with her daddy.  Ben on the other hand is awake and clingy.  He slept really well though (11:50ish-7:30ish) so I can’t complain.

Today is supposed to be 33C so we’ll likely be heading to the spray park for some sweet relief.

5 Favorites (vol. 4)

I fell off this band wagon for a bit and now I’m back!  Linking up with Moxie Wife.

1.  Lindt Excellence.  Any flavour really.  When it goes on sale for $2.50 (at Shoppers Drug Mart or Save on Foods), I usually buy a fair amount in order to try new flavours.  Yesterday I bought two bars of this flavour:


  Ryan and I ate the one bar yesterday, and the other appears to have disappeared so I assume he brought it to work with him.

2. Runner’s Complete Guide to Running.  I was ridiculously excited to find and read this.  I’ve been on a running break lately because of some weird stomach pains, but once I get that sorted out, I’ll be running again!  There are so many good tips and tricks in this book that will help beginners and pros alike!  Definitely a great buy 🙂


3. Save-on-Foods.  This store is awesome, especially now that stacking is back and I can get items for free or really, really cheap!  The staff are amazing as well, and we’re starting to get to know them by name!


4. Jane Iredale.  I really can’t say enough good things about this company and their products.  I finished up the circle/delete concealor so decided to try the Active Light Under Eye Concealor.  I ordered it on Monday afternoon, and received it Tuesday afternoon!  The service of the company is stellar!  I’ll let you know how I like this product, but I’m sure I’ll love it like the others.


5. Sunshine.  It’s been raining here for weeks!  We haven’t really had a nice day since end of May/beginning of June and I’m starting to really miss the sun.  Please come back!  I’m sure the farmers have had enough rain!