Is the Flu Over?

Wow.  That was probably the worst flu we’ve ever had.  Between Chloe throwing up EVERY NIGHT FOR A WEEK, Ben and I started throwing up after a week of nothing, two hospital trips (where the doctors could really do nothing), daily laundry and a broken dryer, I was bawling like a baby all day on Thursday.  Thank God for friends and family who helped out and I think after 3-4 days of Gravol we’ve beat this.

Christmas is in 4 days and today we FINALLY got some baking done and presents wrapped.  I’ll write more next week, but if I don’t talk to you before Christmas, have a  very merry and joy filled day!




30 Days of Frugal Meals – Days 8 & 9

8. Sunday – Pork Stirfry with Noodles

It was sweet and garlicky and my children loved it!


1. “Free From” Pork chops: $13.00 – 30% off = $9.10

2. Garlic VH Sauce: FREE (using coupons)

3. Veggies: FREE (finally used up the veggies from the party).

4. Noodles: $2

Total cost to feed 4 people (with leftovers for all) was $11.10!

9. Monday – Stuffed Canneloni & Garlic Bread




1. Cannelloni: $2.99 (after 50% off) – $1.50 rebate from Checkout51: $1.49 for one bag, and $2.99 for the second bag: $4.48

2. Alfredo sauce: FREE (redeeming Save on Foods points!)

3. Garlic bread: Homemade using a bit of butter, garlic salt and homemade bread.  The price is so small (I didn’t calculate the tsp of garlic salt I used).

The cost to feed 4 people (with leftovers for Ryan tomorrow) was $4.48!

Sorry for the short posts today.  I am just exhausted and not feeling too good.

30 Days of Frugal Meals – Days 1-7!

I was trying to decide how to go about my “30 Days of Frugal Meals”.  My weekly grocery shopping trips always include items that are on sale, have coupons for, are sporting the discounted stickers, and so following Louisiana Bride’s meals wasn’t going to work for me.  So here’s what I did.

Thursday is when the flyers come out, but I’m still not receiving mine yet.  So early Friday morning (during my second cup of coffee, Ben’s nap and Chloe’s Dora movie) I scanned the online flyers to see what was available and made my list.

Because of 15% off Tuesday (items bought on 15% Tuesday are not always meal planning items), I knew I’d have to make two trips for groceries this week for sure.  This was my 15% off “Tuesday” (one location in Sherwood Park let’s us get our 15% off on the Monday so we can stack as well) using coupons:


What did this get me, you ask?

– Free eggs
 – Free Lindt chocolate
 – Free Neumans Organic Alfredo Sauce
 – Free Eggo Minis x2
 – $1.99 Organic Milk x2
 – Free Batteries x8
 – Free Lays Chips x2
– Free Happy Planet Butternut Squash Soup
 – Free Happy Planet Juice x2
 – Free Melitta Coffee x2
 – Free Vaseline Spray x2
 – Free Tresemme Shampoo
 – Free Tresemme Conditioner
 – Free Catelli Pasta
– Free Quick Oats

Once my list was made and my coupons sorted, I threw some kiddie snacks into my purse and drove the 2 minutes to Superstore to see what treasures and goodies I could find.

#1 Sunday – Hamburgers & Hotdogs!


Because this was Ben’s birthday party we had to serve 16 people, but managed to still find a sweet deal! 


1. Hot dogs (1 dozen) $2.97 (sale) x2

2. Hamburgers (8 pack) – $9.98 x2.  With this amazing deal from Superstore, we couldn’t go wrong.  All we had to do was buy the burgers!

3. Chips, juice, pickles, bunsFREE with burger purchase!

4. Hotdog bunsFREE from when we moved in!  My sister bought way too many and so we froze them.

5. Birthday cake – I made his cake with ingredients that we already had.

6. Beverages$2.50. I made iced tea ($5 container/used 1/2).

7. Veggie Platter – Ben’s godparents brought the veggie platter so we didn’t have to pay for it!

Cost of this meal to feed 16 people was under $30!

#2. Monday – Spinach Lasagna Rollups


I made homemade spinach dip using cream cheese and frozen spinach that I already had.  Toss in some onions and garlic and voila!  A really simple, healthy, delicious and FRUGAL meal! 


1. Lasagna noodles$1.77/box

2. Spinach $1 – (already had it in the freezer)

3. Cream cheese$3 (already had it in the fridge)

4. Organic pasta sauce$1

Cost of this meal to feed 4 (with leftovers for Ryan the next day) was approximately $7!

#3. Tuesday – Homemade Mushroom Soup


Last week at Superstore, there were a bunch of mushrooms for 50% off clearance.  When I saw that, I knew we’d be having mushroom soup this week (I ended up freezing some and giving some to a friend as well).  I used my cream coupon, bought no name stock, and already had butter, onions, spices etc to use for my recipe.  I can’t remember the exact breakdown for this meal, but remember the total.

It cost me approximately $6-$7 (out of pocket that week) to make 3 meals of mushroom soup instead of the regular $12-$13 it would have cost to make the same amount of meals.

#4. Wednesday – Sausages, Perogies & Salad



1. Sausages – $13 but since we only used half the pack, I’d say $6.50

2. Perogies – $1.98

3. Organic Salad – under $2 (can’t remember exact amount).

4. Ranch dressing – FREE with stacking

5. Tomato – FREE from neighbours garden

Total cost of this meal to feed 4 people (with leftovers for all of us) is roughly $10.

#5. Thursday – Chicken, Pasta & Fresh Veggies

So my kids got sick starting Wednesday night and it was a loooooong night.  I was just happy to get a yummy and frugal meal on the table, and completely forgot to take pictures.  We BBQ’d chicken thighs, made pasta topped with butter and cheese, and had broccoli & cauliflower.  Chloe and Ben enjoyed it, and we even received a “Thank you for supper Mommy!” from Chloe!


1. Chicken thighs – $10 (10 thighs).

2. BBQ Sauce – FREE (from a purchase earlier in the summer).

3. Pasta – FREE (from 15% off “Tuesday”)

4. Veggies – FREE (leftover veggies from the birthday party).

5. Cheese & Butter – 700g of cheese cost us $6.99 last week and butter $2.99.  We only used a tiny bit of each, but I’m not up for calculating that breakdown :P.

Total cost of this meal to feed 4 people (with leftovers for all of us) is slightly over $10!

#6. Friday – Grilled Cheese

Well, no one reeeeeally needs to see pictures of grilled cheese, do we?

Cheese – $3.50 (ish) for a package of Cracker Barrel Sliced Swiss.  MMMMM!

Bread – $0.89 for a LOAF of bread from Safeway (50% off sticker on it)

Total cost of this meal to feed 4 people is roughly $4.39.

#7. Saturday – Homemade Pizza

By this point I was starting to feel sick and hoping I didn’t catch what the babies had.  We made pizza dough in our bread machine and used some leftover Italian sausage, onions and cheese for the toppings.  This one is a little harder to breakdown because we made the dough at home.



Dough – Unsure (10kg of flour was $6.99, yeast was $9, water was free)

Italian Sausage – “FREE” (cost was figured into what we made with this meat earlier in the week).

Organic Pasta Sauce – $1

Onions – Aprx. $0.33 (the bag of 6 medium onions was $1.97)

Cheese – $6.99 for 700g.  We used about half the block so, apx $3.50.

Total cost of this meal to feed 4 people (with leftovers for Ryan on Monday) was over $4.88.

PHEWF!  That was a lot to type up.  This week’s meals cost approximately $73!

Hopefully this post wasn’t too long and boring for you.  I think I’ll try doing a post daily now instead of weekly.  That might be better for all of us.

7 Quick Takes (vol. 16)

I haven’t been blogging much this week because we’ve been pretty busy.  Doing what, you ask?  I’m not 100% sure, but it might have been enjoying the gorgeous September weather we should have had in July.  Here’s what I have to say for this week.


This.  Is.  Delicious!  Absolutely perfect for a hot, summer’s day!  I’m sure it would taste even better with vodka in it, but we had none.  I managed to get this bad boy for FREE at the last Save-on-Foods 15% off day.  Currently, I am looking at the Facebook coupon trading pages to find more free product coupons so I can indulge in this happy pleasure.  Regular price is $4.99.


(Photo Source)


Fancy Nancy is our latest “go-to” book to read; at least for Chloe, that is.  It’s a cute series of books of a little girl who looooooves to be fancy.  Instead of saying “Fancy Nancy” Chloe will say “Nancy Nancy!”.  It’s adorable.



So last weekend right before Ben’s birthday party I spilled Scentsy wax all over my bathroom counter top and my NEW clothes (that’s why you haven’t seen a picture of them yet).  Later in the evening, I did something very stupid: I took a butter knife to the wax and ended up scratching the beautiful counter top.  I’m trying not to be angry at myself for this idiotic blunder, but it’s difficult.


I’m actually surprised that I haven’t spoken of this before since I watch this show EVERY WEEK!  MasterChef is my crack right now: must. watch. it. no. matter. what.  It’s getting super intense, right?!  SPOILER ALERT!  Even though I was sad to see Jessie go, I knew that the final two would be Natasha and Luca.


Are you watching?  Who are you rooting for?  Natasha is a bit meaner than Luca, but I also think she’s the better cook, so we’re going with her.


(Photo Source)


(Photo Source)


I haven’t forgotten about my 30 Days of Frual Meals!  This week has been so busy that I’m going to do a summary post tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


There’s some serious stuff going on in Syria, and just reading some of it makes me sick to my stomach.  The Pope has asked that tomorrow we pray and fast for peace.  I hope some of you can join me in this.


The only plans we have this weekend is to finish laying the stones in the backyard, continue painting outside trim, organize the basement for the furnace installation next week, watch a couple movies, eat some ice cream (DQ has Snickers Blizzards right now!  Luck for us we live 5 minutes from one).  It’s going to be a casual weekend for us.  Hope you have a good one and enjoy your weekend!  Don’t forget to link up with Jen!

30 Days of Frugal Meals! Challenge Accepted!

Join me starting September 1 for 30 Days of Frugal Meals!  The idea was inspired by Louisiana Bride and I’m feeling up to the challenge!  I’ll be posting daily what it cost me to make that meal and how my family enjoyed it.  I’ll also be letting you know how I managed to apply organic/whole foods and snacks with my purchases.  Stay tuned!  It’s going to be good times.


7 Quick Takes (vol. 14)

It’s Friday!  Wahoo!  This has been a long week, but it’s OVER!  Don’t forget to join up with Jen for her 7 Quick Takes.


Here is my attempt at one of the outfits I wanted to replicate.  I have found some green skinny jeans at Smart Set, Blue Notes, Old Navy and…hmmm there was another place but I can’t remember.  Maybe Garage?  Anyways, they were all $30+ so I couldn’t justify buying them just yet.  Instead I used my pink “party pants” (don’t ask) and decided that this was close enough of a replication.  Thoughts?

I like this outfit because it’s simple and both items are very versatile.  My only concern is the white top with two children…I’ll just take it off or cover it up when feeding them.

My outfit:

Replicating Kate’s:



My kids reeeeeeeally like their mommy.  Or at least they really like to be near me all. the. time.  I swear, unless a show is on, they are on me every 5 minutes.  I tried to take a 5 minute shower; Chloe came to find me.  I tried to get dress; Ben found me.  Now I am debating running upstair while Ben is sleeping to brush my teeth…is it worth it?  I haven’t decided yet.

This is them playing for 4 minutes 10 seconds (I timed it) while I quickly washed some dishes.



We went to pick up swimsuits from the second hand store so that I can take the kids swimming more regularly.  The fitness/activity centre here sounds really good and maybe once or twice a week we can go swimming and maybe to the gymnastics centre.  I think I’m a bit of a boring mom and would like to try to get out and do more with my kids.


This week I read an article about stay-at-home moms which was kind of discouraging.  I guess the article itself wasn’t, but what she wrote about was.  Basically it’s about how educated women shouldn’t waste their education as a stay-at-home mothers.  This is insulting in every way.  Should mothers not be educated at all?  If they don’t deserve a degree, do they even deserve a high school education?  Are we so much less valuable to society simply because we choose to be present daily in the lives of our children instead of pursuing a successful career?  *Sigh*  Society, please don’t devalue the hard work that we do with our children at home.  We’re raising the little people that will become out future!


We got a furnace quote the other day: $7000 for two.  *gag*  That’s a little more than we wanted to pay so now we’re looking for other options.  We aren’t overly pressed for time, but this is Alberta people and it could very well snow next month.


Our dishwasher broke *sniff sniff BAWL*!  I went out to an Opus Dei recollection on Tuesday and when I came home, Ryan said “Bad news babe.  The dish washer is broken.”  The only thing worse than hearing that would be to hear “Bad news babe.  The washing machine is broken.”  Washing dishes by hand is slightly better than washing clothes by hand, right?!


This morning Chloe slept in until almost 7am, but Ben decided to get up at 6:25.  I managed to still get in 15 minutes of quiet prayer time and decided that I wouldn’t get frustrated at the interruption, but continue in my prayer while he ate breakfast.  When I went to get Chloe, she decided she wouldn’t come downstairs until she put on her princess shoes…