7 Quick Takes (vol. 18)

These are totally going to have to be quick.  Jen’s will certainly be far better and more interesting than mine.


After a whole day of Chloe not throwing up, we ended the evening with a big, barfy mess.  The casualties: My Pal Violet and her pillow.  We pulled her mattress into our room and she spent the night with us.  Thankfully, she feels better this morning and that Violet is on sale at Walmart for $17.88.



I woke up at 3:50am and this morning and couldn’t fall back asleep until about 4:45ish (I’m guessing).  Ben cried out and I was going to go to him, but since the crying didn’t continue I stayed in bed.  The reason I couldn’t fall back asleep was that the little baby inside me kept giving me really good kicks and every time I felt one it kept me from falling back asleep.


Ben must have cried out in the middle of the night because he threw up.  When I got him this morning at 7:30, I found his bed covered in…well, throw up.  Poor baby cried from 7:30am-9:30 when I put him back to bed after he was bathed, snuggled and had some fluids in him.  Please God no more throwing up!  We lost two stuffies and a fitted crib sheet for sure, and we’re trying to see if we can save Scout (the green version of Violet).


I have a ridiculous pile of laundry to fold and wash right now, but absolutely no energy to do it.  All I’d like to do is sleep or spend the day in bed watching movies with my kids (which will very likely happen).



Tremendous mom-guilt here.  We’ve watched a lot of tv lately.  Between the insane amount of snow we’ve been getting (more on that in the next quick take) and the flu bugs we’ve been fighting, we’ve been popping in movie after movie after movie.  I’m hearing of friends who are taking their kids outside, to sports, to recreational swimming and/or gymnastics, and I’m thinking: “I suck.  We’re watching tv and sometimes playing or reading.”  Thankfully right now Chloe is putting magnetic pompoms on the fridge and that’s something better than tv, right?



Josh Classen from CTV news: “Total snowfall in #yegwx area since November 1st looks to be in the 70-80cm range.  We average 122cm for an entire winter.”  Ya.  That’s why we’re staying in and not going anywhere.  Also, we’ve somehow managed to lose 3 out of the 4 pairs of mittens Ben owns.

(Yes, I took this picture from inside my house, through the screen.)


I found another book I want.  It’s a guide to help meditate on the Rosary.  For $11.51, I may just have to snag it.



The Service of Motherhood

On the heels of being content with the role of motherhood, I thought this morning how being a mom is like being a missionary, but with little or no recognition (and that’s OK!).

While I held my puking daughter this morning, washed the vomit from her face, and bathed her in warm water, all I could think about was being a servant like Christ calls us to be.  I thought of Mother Teresa who cared for sick individuals who were cast out by society and how she wiped their pussing sores, how she held them tenderly as if they were Christ themselves and the work of caring and cleaning for a child with the stomach flu took on so much more meaning.


My thoughts led to my new love that has taken a while to implant in my heart: Opus Dei.  How they really enforce how the everyday work you do, in the vocation you’ve been called to is sanctifying work that draws you closer to God.  There are times where I feel like clearing the table and washing dishes is more than I can handle.  The mundane task of wiping the dirty table, putting away laundry and dusting the mantles sometimes seems useless and unimportant.

The Veggie Tales song from the St. Nicholas movie plays in my mind daily now (probably because the kids watch is every morning): “I can love because God loves me, I can give because He gave.  Jesus’ love is why I’m smiling, why I give every day.” which reminds me why I am doing what I am doing as a mother.

(I took a short break from typing this to rock my daughter and get thrown up on.  There was more throw up on me than the rocking chair, Chloe or in the bucket.  Bet you just loooooved that visual eh?)

I don’t actually have that much more to say.  Both my children are sleeping and I’m going to take advantage of this time by taking a very long and in-depth prayer time.

Companies That Have Sent me Coupons for Organic Products…

I emailed a whole bunch of companies asking for coupons so I can try their organic products.  So far I’ve received coupons from Organic Meadows and Eden.


I have tried neither of their products, but am definitely open to something new!  I’ll be doing some digging to see if there are other upcs for these products/companies so that I can maybe stack them!

Eden also decided to send me PLENTY of reading material (I’ll get right on that…AFTER the move!).


Some things I am learning from doing this big switch is:

1. It’s not hard to find organic food that is in our local grocery store and is decently priced!

2. Don’t be afraid to try something new!  Like I said above, I’ve never tried products from Eden or Organic Meadows, but I’m willing to try!

3. Sometimes you have to go without and that’s ok!  Maybe we won’t be buying as much produce this week as we would if we bought non-organic, but that’s ok!  We know how to sacrifice and don’t need to have everything!

I Haven’t Forgotten You!

I’ve been pretty busy these last few days with packing, organizing and regular household activities so posting has been kinda put on hold.  Our wonderful realtor decided to pay for this house to be professionally cleaned so that we can move all our stuff from here and not worry about coming back to clean!  That’s seriously the best gift ever!

Sunday I decided to go for a run because Mud Hero is on Saturday and I really should be training more than I actually am.  I ran over 5km in 25 minutes!  That’s fantastic time and my best time yet!

Monday we spent the day packing and planning our meals for this week.

Monday – Hot dogs, salad and chips!  With beer of course.

Tuesday – Homemade chicken noodle soup with grilled cheese sandwiches

Wednesday – Chicken nuggets and sweet potatoe fries with raw broccoli and carrots.

Thursday – Tortellini with grilled fish and salad

Friday – Hamburgers with chips, fries and salad

Saturday – Pizza

Thank goodness Ryan was home yesterday for the holiday because I got to run out to SOF to do a quick stack (my stack got me a free $10 gift card!) and get some produce for the week (I am hoping to do a price comparrison at the end of the month on buying organic produce vs. non-organic.  PLEASE remind me!).


(Salad – $3.99 at Costco, Strawberries (2lbs) – $4.99 at Costco and Carrots $1.85 (ish) (used a $1 coupon) at SOF). 

Today we meet with the lawyers and get a possession time!

Wednesday is the last day I will do laundry.

Thursday I will pack up the toys because on FRIDAY the kids will spend the whole day at Mama’s (aka Grandma’s).

Saturday morning I’ll leave at 6am for Mud Hero and hopefully be back before 2:30pm.  Note to self: leave a cheque for the piano movers and a note for my MIL as to where the coffee is…

I should run!  It’s taken me 45 minutes to write this post because I keep going back and forth between the kids and computer.  At least they are happy 🙂