Saving on Organic Food is…Easy?

It’s actually easier than I thought.  It takes some searching, planning and patience, but I’m learning that it’s not all that difficult.  Last night I had to run out to the grocery store to get a few items for brunch today, and found a few surprise items.  Normally I try not to buy what is not on my list, but we’ve made room in our budget for “stock up” items.  I didn’t really stock up with these, but they were at a stock up price.


The cheese was $6.99 (!) which is roughly $5 off regular price: I am kicking myself for not getting more.  The yogurt was “priced to clear”, but the expiry isn’t until September 5th!  Regular price it is over $5 but I got it for $2.18 after using this $0.50 coupon:


So far, it’s not been hard to make The Big Switch (and I wasn’t planning on doing yogurt yet)!  It takes planning, couponing and hunting when grocery shopping!


Organic Milk for How Much?!

By using this coupon stack of $3:


I got these 2L jugs of ORGANIC milk for $1.99 each:


I trade very generously for organic milk coupons because milk is something that we go through weekly, and at this price, it’s cheaper than non-organic milk!

Still Going Strong!

Despite the fact that it’s been super busy the last week with moving and running, we have still managed to keep buying organic and staying within our monthly grocery budget ($400/month).


Costco is awesome for finding organic foods: the tomato sauce was $8.99, the peas $7.49 and the fig bars (delicious btw) $8.69.

figThere are a lot of fig bars in the box!  Two per package.  They may not be organic, but they are GMO free which is very important to me now too.

Companies That Have Sent me Coupons for Organic Products…

I emailed a whole bunch of companies asking for coupons so I can try their organic products.  So far I’ve received coupons from Organic Meadows and Eden.


I have tried neither of their products, but am definitely open to something new!  I’ll be doing some digging to see if there are other upcs for these products/companies so that I can maybe stack them!

Eden also decided to send me PLENTY of reading material (I’ll get right on that…AFTER the move!).


Some things I am learning from doing this big switch is:

1. It’s not hard to find organic food that is in our local grocery store and is decently priced!

2. Don’t be afraid to try something new!  Like I said above, I’ve never tried products from Eden or Organic Meadows, but I’m willing to try!

3. Sometimes you have to go without and that’s ok!  Maybe we won’t be buying as much produce this week as we would if we bought non-organic, but that’s ok!  We know how to sacrifice and don’t need to have everything!

I Haven’t Forgotten You!

I’ve been pretty busy these last few days with packing, organizing and regular household activities so posting has been kinda put on hold.  Our wonderful realtor decided to pay for this house to be professionally cleaned so that we can move all our stuff from here and not worry about coming back to clean!  That’s seriously the best gift ever!

Sunday I decided to go for a run because Mud Hero is on Saturday and I really should be training more than I actually am.  I ran over 5km in 25 minutes!  That’s fantastic time and my best time yet!

Monday we spent the day packing and planning our meals for this week.

Monday – Hot dogs, salad and chips!  With beer of course.

Tuesday – Homemade chicken noodle soup with grilled cheese sandwiches

Wednesday – Chicken nuggets and sweet potatoe fries with raw broccoli and carrots.

Thursday – Tortellini with grilled fish and salad

Friday – Hamburgers with chips, fries and salad

Saturday – Pizza

Thank goodness Ryan was home yesterday for the holiday because I got to run out to SOF to do a quick stack (my stack got me a free $10 gift card!) and get some produce for the week (I am hoping to do a price comparrison at the end of the month on buying organic produce vs. non-organic.  PLEASE remind me!).


(Salad – $3.99 at Costco, Strawberries (2lbs) – $4.99 at Costco and Carrots $1.85 (ish) (used a $1 coupon) at SOF). 

Today we meet with the lawyers and get a possession time!

Wednesday is the last day I will do laundry.

Thursday I will pack up the toys because on FRIDAY the kids will spend the whole day at Mama’s (aka Grandma’s).

Saturday morning I’ll leave at 6am for Mud Hero and hopefully be back before 2:30pm.  Note to self: leave a cheque for the piano movers and a note for my MIL as to where the coffee is…

I should run!  It’s taken me 45 minutes to write this post because I keep going back and forth between the kids and computer.  At least they are happy 🙂


It’s Not Farmer’s Market, but it’s…

…still local and organic!

The kids and I made a quick stop at the Dutch bakery just down the road to buy some fresh deli meat – beer sausage mmm – and bread and buns: hopefully the bread will last until we move!  The deli meat (300g), 3 buns and a loaf of bread cost $10, which is very close to the same price as what it would cost at a grocery store.  Nothing beats the fresh taste!

We made our way to Safeway to see what they had for organic produce and we did great!  Organic strawberries (1lb) was on sale for $2.99 which WAS the SAME PRICE as non-organic strawberries.  The colour and taste were beautiful and sweet.  Chloe confirmed the sweetness later on at home with a satisfied “Mmmm mmm thank you Mommy.”.  We bought an organic yam (0.5 kg) for $1.90 and organic broccoli (0.5 kg) for $1.37.

Supper was deliciously perfect as we combined all these ingredients together (except the yam) and included a nice, cold ginger beer.  Mmm mmm good.