This vs. That Product Reviews!

Here is something different for you.  I decided to review/compare my must have items for you.

~ ONE ~

Jane Iredale Active Light Under Eye Concealor vs. Jane Iredale Circle/Delete Under Eye Concealor
– WINNER…Circle/Delete!


Why?  Circle/delete – the little circular tub – won because:

1. It stays put all day! (Active Light does not).

2. It does NOT leave concealor crease in my eye lid! (Active Light DOES)!

3. The price is $35 (plus tax) and very decent for a good quality concealor.

4. It does an excellent job at covering my dark eye circles (THIS IS A MUST and Active Light DOES NOT do this).

5. The brush does a great job spreading the concealor.  (This is NOT the case with Active Light).


Nars vs Mac Blushes
-WINNER…Nars blushes! –


Why?  Nars blushes won – and only by a little bit – because:

1. I get points for buying Nars at Sephora.

2. I love the colour and shimmer of Nars.

3. The colours work better with my pale skin.


Back combing brushes – Dannyco vs. Cricked Amped UP!
– WINNER…Dannyco!


Why?  Dannyco won because:

1. It works WAAAY better at backcombing and it lasts ALL day (and night and throughout my shower too!).

2. It cost me $7.99 for a product made of bamboo and boar bristle!  (Amped UP! is made of nylon and didn’t work at all!)

~ FOUR ~

Bumble & Bumble Volumizing Styling products
– WINNER…Bb texture!


Why?  Bb texture won because:

1. It not only provides texture, but GREAT volume.  (I got zero volume from the Bb Thickening Hairspray).

2. I only need a tiny bit of the Bb texture, so it’s lasting a lot longer!  (The Bb Thickening Hairspray I needed a ton and even still I didn’t get the desired volume).

~ FIVE ~

CHI Hair Straightener vs GHD Hair Straighteners

chi-limited-edition-breast-cancer-awareness-ceramic-flat-iron-with-silk-infusion-278x278  GHD-Hair-Straightener-2

CHI Source & GHD Source

Why? GHD won because:

1. It heats up in less than a minute!  (CHI took well over a minute).

2. It’s still working after a year!  (I’ve tried two CHI’s and the electrical went on BOTH!)

3. I bought the GHD brand new off of Kijij for $80!  (CHI I bought in-store, brand new for $120).

4. It gets hotter than the CHI and so the style lasts longer.

5. It doesn’t pull when hair out when I use it!  (My hair always got caught in the CHI ceramic blades).

Hope you enjoyed my first product review!  I hope to make this more regular!