The Cabin Overnight Trip

So I feel very proud of my recent accomplishment: I drove two hours, alone with my two babies!!!  Shut the front door!  I was very nervous, but made sure we left at nap time, had lots of snacks, music – my ears, oh my ears!  There is such a thing as too much Raffi! – and toys.  When going out on such a venture, one must always be prepared with a good ol’ Timmies.  How very unblogger of me to not take a picture of my coffee cup.

The kids and I were ready to go by 9am.


After a quick stop at Walmart – for a cd other than Raffi – we were on our way.  I had a couple new toys/books for Chloe in case she got really bored.  Within 10 minutes of giving her this:


She did this:


And said this: “I broke it.”  Le sigh…

Anyways, we got to the cabin/lake at lunch time.  After a quick bite to eat, we all headed down to the lake.  Despite the it being windy and slightly cooler than average July temperature, the kids loved it.


I took Ben home for a nap and just sat in the sun until everyone else came back about an hour later.  That was the most relaxing time I had during the time we were there (and that’s ok).

The lady who we’re renting the cabin from, left these Valentine hearts so I dug through the bowl to find this one and sent the picture to Ryan.  I’m a wuss.  I don’t like being away from him even for one night!


My mom, my kids and younger siblings spent the afternoon blowing bubbles outside, while us older ones (older brother, dad, 15 and 13 year old brothers), played a competitive game of Scrabble.  See why I ALWAYS lose?  I have crummy letters like these:


The night was killer: the three of us shared a room.  Chloe is the worst bed hog EVER.  She either had to have her face so close to mine that our noses were touching and her breath was tickling my face OR she had to sleep upside-down with her feet in my face, huddled so close to me that I literally had only an inch of space from the edge of my mattress.  The offspring took turns waking up, but thankfully they were easy to put back to sleep and I didn’t have to go get help from my mom.  But to summarize the night, I saw every single hour and finally got up at 6.  Thank goodness they are so cute.


Today was cold, but we had fun at the park and another game of Scrabble.


All in all, it was a really good trip and I know my parents loved having us out.  Next year will be easier because Ben will be 2 and Chloe will be 3!


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